Cross Country’s Spoons back in full swing.

Each year, the boys and girls Cross Country teams at Darby take part in a “spoons game.”      

    This game is a great way to make cross country fun and not just about running. The game is quite simple actually, the name of the game is to hold onto your spoon. At the beginning of the game, everyone receives a spoon with a name on it, that name being the person you have to go after. The goal is to tag that person out. You can achieve this by touching them with your spoon whenever they don’t have their spoon in their hand. Once you tag them out, you take their spoon and go after whoever is written on their spoon. This cycle continues until ultimately there is one champion remaining. When asked about how the game helps build team chemistry, senior runner Owen Martin gave his take.

  Owen Martin said,“It helps build chemistry in many ways, the most prevalent is getting to know everyone’s name.”

    The prize for winning is around $240, and all of the money consists of entry fees from the runners. Since Martin is a judge, it  if he got a share of the remaining money.

“No. We take all of the money, and give ninety percent to the winner, and the remaining ten percent is given to the player with the most tags,” Martin explained.

    When asked about the lasting impact this has on the cross country teams, Owen emphasized its benefits.

“It helps because you often find kids grouping up to help each other. This aspect also helps kids to work with each other on the team in things more than just running,” Martin said.

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