Controversy strikes YouTube once again


During the past week, there have been many controversies over the popular video sharing platform, YouTube. The issues started popping up after, famous Youtuber, Logan Paul uploaded a disrespectful video of himself and friends walking through Japan’s infamous Aokigahara Forest, otherwise known as the “suicide forest”. The video was later taken down for the content shown, but the question of how it even got through YouTube’s filters still remains.

  Last year, Youtube was under fire for deleting and censoring videos made by LGBT vloggers, labeling their content as mature even if it did not contain mature content. “Restricted Mode”, as they called it, was intended to block schools and other public places from watching actual mature content, which should include something like Logan Paul’s video. The fact that YouTube went out of their way to censor harmless videos just because it was made by someone from the LGBT community is very offensive but add in the fact that Logan Paul’s video was in the trending section and the situation becomes even worse. Paul’s subscriptions are mostly from elementary and middle school kids, so it goes to show that YouTube cares more about children seeing “gay” content than they do an actual dead body.

  I believe that YouTube does not care about the content of videos so long as they’re made from a popular vlogger. The more views and subscribers a channel gets, the more success the business earns, which is upsetting because most of the “popular” channel’s fanbase is made up of children. Other popular YouTubers such as Pewdiepie, who is known to be a racist after explicitly saying a racial slur during a gaming stream, still has his channel somehow has been popular with younger kids for years.

  It is important that they censor content that actually needs to be censored so kids, and even adults watching, do not pick up on bad morals since many of the people that they are watching are not good role models in the slightest. Until then, YouTube will continue to profit from bad content and the people who actually are putting time and thought into what they upload will continue to be unknown, which is not how anything should be run, especially such a large platform like YouTube.

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