Consider other options for future education- Editorial

Since birth, college has been drilled into our minds as the only option for a successful life. The normal progression of life is to go through thirteen years of school, only to be thrown straight into four more. However, college isn’t for everyone, nor is it the only path for education beyond high school. After all, Bill Gates and Steve Jobs both dropped out. There are many paths people can take besides acquiring student loans, like trade schools, apprenticeships, the military, and going straight into the workforce.  

  There have been many people who have either not attended post secondary schools or dropped out. Michael Dell, for example, founded Dell Computers after dropping out of the University of Texas, according to The website also reports that Steve Jobs dropped out of college as well, and he clearly went on to be very successful. Business woman, famous chef, and author Rachael Ray never received any formal culinary training. said authour of The Great Gatsby, F. Scott Fitzgerald, dropped out of Princeton University, and Steven Spielberg, movie director and co-founder of DreamWorks, dropped out as well according to While a college education can be very important and beneficial to a student’s future, it is possible to lead a successful life without a college degree.

  If two thirds of the 70% of Americans who attend a four year university drop out according to, there must be alternatives after high school besides living under a bridge. There are several options other than college. First and foremost, students can go straight into the workforce. People could also get a two year certificate instead of attending the traditional four year college. reports that many employers, such as dental hygienists and technology experts, value on industry certification and workplace experience. To gain this experience, students could try an apprenticeship or internship. According to, apprenticeships are a great way to learn a trade that could eventually lead to a high paying job. Sometimes people can even earn an associate’s or bachelor’s degree, all while getting paid to do so.

  Another option is to join the military, where students can learn valuable life skills such as how to take responsibility and learning how to perform under pressure. People who chose to go into the military will enjoy job security. Not only that, but if someone in the military does decide to go to college after their required service is over, they can get free tuition.

  Students can also participate in community service or going on a mission trip. After high school there are many opportunities to volunteer locally, nationally, or internationally through places of worship, youth groups, or other programs such as AmeriCorp or Peace Corps. According to, AmeriCorp helps over 75,000 people all over America give back to their communities. The Peace Corps allow people to tackle the most pressing challenges of the world according to

  There are so many opportunities after students graduate high school besides college. Students do not have to follow the standard path to a successful life. Just look at all of the people who were able to make a name for themselves without college. The future is bright, no matter what students do after they graduate from high school.

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