Competition cheerleaders come off of a successful season

The competition cheer team had a big season this past winter. Not only did they finish out with a 45-6 record with three first place finishes, two high point Championships, and three grand Championships, but they also finished fifth in the state of Ohio. The lady Panthers also won the Cardinal O.C.C. Division and were O.C.C. Grand Champions.

  It doesn’t seem like it can get much better, but it does for the hard working cheerleaders. The team was invited to the U.S. Finals National Competition and were awarded a full paid bid, meaning the normal $100 per-athlete charge was waived so the team only had to pay $100 in total. This saved the team a lot of money, and it was an amazing opportunity for the girls. Unfortunately, the team was not able to compete due to the event being out of state.

Photo courtesy of Savannah Porter


Amie Clark, who is the head coach for the competition cheer team, discussed what
she and the team accomplished this year.

  “We had a very successful season in very tough divisions. We met all of our goals which were to win the O.C.C., be O.C.C. Grand Champs, and be top five in the state.”

  Mikayla Ellis, a senior on the team, explained the excitement everyone feels during competition.

  “My favorite thing about competition cheer would have to be competition days,” Ellis said. “It can be very nerve wracking but once you compete, do your best, and make your coach proud, it feels good to know all your hard work paid off.”

  Despite their numerous successes, Clark and the rest of the team are looking ahead to next year already. The team will reconvene in the summer for workouts during which Clark will detail the expectations for the season. Choreography will begin in August.

  Senior Savannah Porter gave some more insight on how the team prepares during the season.

  “Something we do to prepare for competitions is doing our routine full out back to back three times to build up our endurance.”

Photo courtesy of Mikayla Ellis

 Clark explained some of her hopes for the upcoming season.

  “ I hope to have a larger team next year,” she stated. “We only had 17 this year but only 13 consistently competed.”

  Finding more girls may be hard to do, as the competition cheer team is a tight knit family. Porter stated, “Competition cheer allows me to grow strong friendships with those on my team. We spend so much time together and like to cheer each other on.”

  Ellis agreed, stating, “I also love the friendships that form with the girls throughout the season because we all see each other basically everyday, and we all just become so close and I would honestly say all those girls are my best friends.”

  Coach Clark also explained her love for the sport. “I love coaching the girls,” she said. “My favorite part is watching them get excited when they compete and being proud of themselves.”

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