Columbus wishes to Save The Crew

Thousand of central Ohio soccer fans are rallying around our local professional soccer club, the Columbus Crew. Although the Crew has been shining on the field, making it to the conference finals in the MLS playoffs this year, their management has been shrouded in off-the-field controversies regarding the possible relocation of Ohio’s beloved team.
Owner of the team, Anthony Precourt, has expressed interest in moving the team to Austin, Texas, much to the dismay of fans and city officials alike. Precourt seems to believe that both attendance and profitability would be better in Texas. City officials have had meetings with team ownership, but to no avail. The Crew management did not seem to be interested in the stadium proposals and other ideas Columbus offered.
This has all led to State Attorney General Mike DeWine threatening legal action against the team. DeWine says the Art Modell law may be activated to stop the team from leaving. The law was put into place when the Browns left over two decades ago. This law could be central Ohio’s last chance to keep their soccer club, which is one of the few inaugural clubs that has been around since the beginning of Major League Soccer.
Many fans have taken action to try to keep the team from moving elsewhere. Hundreds of Crew supporters have joined the Save the Crew movement, which is attempting to keep the team, its naming rights, and history in the city of Columbus.
Season ticket holders like Sophomore Brandon Roberts have vocalized their displeasure with the way management has been handling this situation, and they are attempting to keep this team in anyway they can.
The Columbus Crew only have one more guaranteed season left to play, and it will be a waiting game to see what the team’s fate is beyond 2018. You can find more information about supporting the Save The Crew movement at

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