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For people who are in a foreign class, or can’t fit one into their schedule, there are after school clubs to strengthen one’s knowledge of different cultures.


Chinese Club

Written by Madeline Capkachinese-club

One of the language clubs offered at Darby is Chinese club, which is open for any student who wants to participate. The club has been offered since the district began to offer Chinese as a language in 2013, and will hopefully continue.

  Chinese teacher and club adviser, Neal Myers, holds various activities relating to the Chinese language and culture, including making traditional food, such as mooncakes, which are a traditional Chinese dessert typically made from red bean paste.

  “Chinese club is a bunch of enrichment activities we do that have a lot to do with Chinese culture…food, games, music, and movies,” Myers explained.

  The club even took a visit to China over the summer and visited Beijing, Xi’an, and Shanghai to learn more about the language and experience the culture.

  Chinese club is always held on Tuesdays after school in room 116 every two weeks, so don’t forget to stop by and bring your friends.


French Club

Written by Emily Betteridge

French club is open to all students that take French. The club meets once a month and will do various fun activities such as a mini ballet lesson, a Tour de Hilliard, and a French Christmas party.

  In addition to fun activities, the French club has a Christmas party every year. During the party, the club looks at the differences between the holiday times in America and in France. For example, some American families celebrate the holidays with a Yule log tradition. Instead of an actual log, the French make a cake called Buche de Noël. This year, the French club students will be making their own Buche de Noël cakes during the December meeting.

There are a lot of fun things planned for French club this year, and all of the students involved are really excited. Sophomore Aryadna Ojeda feels French club helps expand her knowledge of the language.

“What I like most is that we get to learn about the culture and I get to learn more of the history. It’s really cool and diverse and the group of people that are in there make it really fun. It’s just awesome,” Ojeda stated.

French club meets on different days once a month in the French room.


German Club

Written by Noah Adams

If you’re trying to expand your horizons and learn about foreign cultures, German Club might be just what you’re looking for. So what is German Club?

  President, fifth year German Student and Senior Maddie Drake thinks German Club is perfect for any student.

  “It’s a club for German students or anyone interested in the German language…They are smaller classes so you have lots of fun and the teacher is amazing,” Drake explained.

 In German Club, members learn about the history of the language, interesting German words, and German Music.

  One interesting thing the club is doing this year is setting up a traditional oompah band for Oktoberfest at the middle school. All in all, German Club is a unique and fun experience.


Spanish Club

Written by Edleen Nieto

Spanish Club has meetings the first Wednesday of each month after school. They talk about Spanish culture, eat or make food, watch Hispanic movies, play games, as well as other fun activities.
   The adviser of the club, Spanish 3 teacher Anne Wilcox, invites everyone to join.    

  “Last year we all went bowling” Wilcox said. “everyone is welcome, anyone who speaks Spanish, anyone who is in Spanish class or want to learn about the culture”.

   The club has activities like Dia de los Muertos where members decorate skulls. Also, in January the club celebrates Dia de los Reyes by eating Spanish bread and watching movies.

   This is the second year of Sophomore Olga Cano being part of the club.

   “What I enjoy about Spanish club is that you get to meet new people and their stories” Cano said

   Spanish club will be having a meeting on October 19th.

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