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If you are tired of the more serious clubs, or just want a place to productively relax or have fun after school, these clubs may be what you are looking for!

Game Club

Written by Olivia Deslandes

Uno, Super Smash Brothers, and Rocket League come together every Wednesday in room 133 for Game Club every Wednesday. While they mostly play console games, board, card, handheld, and PC games are also played. Usually a console is brought in and they project for everyone to join in. Others are welcome to play games that they bring in themselves.


Game Club plays many types of games.

The club is presided by Junior Nick Corbett and vice president Senior Roman Tochenov, and they are planning to do game tournaments throughout the year. Mrs. White is the teacher in charge of this club.

Corbett enjoys the interaction this club provides for people who might not get it anywhere else.

“It’s a fun, new experience most people don’t have. Most people play online instead of with people in the same place,” Corbett explained.

Hammock Club

Written by Justin Earley

Hammock club is the greatest after school activity offered to Darby. Hammock club is a small club that meets every Wednesday at 7:00 in the grove. It’s just a few members that all have one thing in common; a passion for lounging in beds made of canvas/rope mesh, suspended by cords at both ends.

Hammock club's first meeting was a success. Photo provided by the Darby Hammock Club twitter.

Hammock club’s first meeting was a success. Photo provided by the Darby Hammock Club twitter.

   This club was founded by A.J. Masters, Will Jurasek, Cannon Riddle, and Jacob Tivin.

   “We meet in different places every week, play a few games, like kickball or whatever until we get tired, and then chill in hammocks,”said Masters

   Anyone can join hammock club. All one needs is a passion for hammocks. Those interested who haven’t got a hammock or are pressed on cash needn’t worry, said Masters. “if you don’t have a hammock, it’s alright. You can get one cheap for like, 30 bucks on amazon. And if you don’t have any money, then it’s okay. We have about four or five extra hammocks.”

  The reason to join seemed rather obvious to one of the founders.

  “When you lay in a hammock, you just feel happy. It’s just a great time to relax if you’re feeling stressed,” expressed Masters.

  If you need a group to chill with, or a place to forget about your stressors– hang in there, and join hammock club.

Powerlifting Club

Written by Drew Moore

A club new to the school this year is Powerlifting Club. They will be branching out of Darby by competing in competitions. They meet up two to three times a week and all genders, weight, and strength levels are welcome.

  Psychology teacher Matthew Fox and Health teacher Chelsea Noble manage the club. In the club you train to lift with the goal to increase the amount of weight you can lift to compete in competition.

  “It’s guys and girls and it’s based on weight classes, so it’s a little different than other sports where it is just everybody against everybody. It’s actually based upon what class you are in,” Fox stated.

  The club is always looking for more members, and has weight classes for everyone to join. The team is looking for at least 20 to 25 members.

  “It will help them with the biomechanics of lifting and understand the process of lifting and how it works and to be more efficient, to be healthier. Even for non-athletes it’s just a cool activity, it’s a little bit different. Even if you haven’t figured out a sport you like yet this could be a sport that might appeal. Plus it’s a sport that has both genders [welcome] to it,” Fox mentioned.

  To join in on all of the Powerlifting Club fun, contact Matthew Fox.

Improv Club

Written by Emily Betteridge

Improv is a club run by Matthew Connell, Mariah Midgley, Ryan Untch, and Gabe Willenberg and meets every Friday. Improv is open to anyone who wants to have a good time. Attendance varies week to week but there are usually 15-20 people there.

  During Improv, members have the chance to make up their own scene by getting up in front of everyone else and making something random and funny up. Anyone can join in and make it go however they want it. Participation is not mandatory and some people choose to sit back and watch.  

  Senior Ben Jones really enjoys going to Improv and watching people come up with funny ideas.

  “People are wacky tabacky in there,” Jones stated.

  Leader Matthew Connell enjoys how improv is different from regular theatre. Regular theatre is scripted, whereas improv is completely made up on the spot.

  “Here we get to have a lot of fun and make up our own stuff and it’s just a really good place,” Connell stated.

League of Legends  

Written by Olivia Deslandes

League of Legends players join up every Thursday in the choir room. League of Legends is a online multiplayer console battle game. This game is considered the most played game in the world. Choir teacher Hannah Sterman is the adviser for this club. The club is open to everyone, regardless if they do or don’t play the game already.


League of Legends at one of their meetings.

  Brandon Bridges, the club leader, plans on creating a team to compete for scholarships and welcomes anyone to come play the game.

  “League of Legends is an online moba [multiplayer online battle arena] with five players who play against another group of five players,” Bridges explained, “Anyone can pick between a hundred or so champions [to play as]. [The goal is to] try to destroy the other base.”

  The next meeting will be on Thursday, October 7.





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