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Girls in Science


Written by Madeline Capka

One of the influential clubs available at Darby is Girls in Science, where high school girls travel to various elementary schools to get younger female students involved in S.T.E.M. (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) subjects.

  Since girls are often discouraged from being interested in science, this club, run by Connie DelaCruz, helps to show them how fascinating science can be and to get them more involved through hands-on experiments.

  Junior Saja Faisal is a member of Girls in Science club and is happy to be a part of a club that encourages elementary age girls to participate more in science subjects.

  “In this club, a group of high school mentors meet weekly with elementary school girls to perform experiments and encourage interest in science that will hopefully carry on to high school and beyond,” Faisal elaborated.


Junior Student Alliance

Written by Noah Adams

JSA, Junior Student Alliance, is a club at Darby that empowers students to speak freely and share their opinions. JSA members discuss and debate current events and politics at meetings. JSA is a very encouraging experience for those interested in learning about politics or voicing their opinions.

  Junior and member of JSA Durya Nadeem is proud of the club’s purpose.

  “It promotes high school involvement in politics, so that they can lead the future generations to come, and informs the students about democracy,” said Nadeem.

    JSA is also prepared for the presidential election. They are holding debate watch parties in the media center for every presidential debate, and are going to be discussing the election as it comes nearer. Watch parties are at Darby from the debate’s beginning to end, and food and drinks are provided.

  Their meetings, which are on Tuesdays in Room 247, are made up of three main parts.

  “At the meetings, we’ll do… political debates, free speech, and activism,” Nadeem said.


Math Club

Written by Noah Adams

Darby’s math club is a club like no other. Darby is full of math talent, and this group serves as a way to showcase math skills. This club isn’t any regular Algebra class, either.

   “It helps me collaborate with my other friends that love math, and answer difficult questions – and then after that we go to national competitions … as a team, and [there’s] a chance to win grants and scholarships as well,” says junior Durya Nadeem, who is entering her third year in Math Club.

  Math Club meetings are a fun time, but when it comes to competitions the stakes are high. However, Darby has a history of strong Math Club Performances. Math teacher Katie Hurley explained how some top performers excelled at the OCTM (Ohio Council for Teachers of Mathematics) competition.

  ”We had…3 or 4 students qualify for the next level…it’s for the top percent, so we’ve had several students qualify for that.”

   All in all, Math Club could be a good fit for anyone looking to solve fun problems, expand their math skills, or hang out with friends. This club usually meets every other week.  

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