Choirs sing their second to last concert of the year

Wednesday, May 17th was the second to last choir concert of the year. The Concert Choir and Women’s Chorale performed several numbers last night, each bringing a new sound to the production. The concert featured a variety of pieces, including selections in other languages and traditional American folk music.

  Women’s Chorale jumped right in with a performance of “Nigra Sum” by Pablo Casals. Then they performed with percussionists Sophomore Taylor Pfaff and Senior Kyle Turner and concluded with “I Thank You God” by Gwyneth Walker. Concert choir then took the stage and performed a Mozart piece, complete with a quintet, cello and piano accompanists. Both groups performed very well. It was noticeable to everyone who attended the concert just how the groups clicked together. Women’s Chorale moved together, adding a visual element to the performance and a degree of professionalism. Both groups sang beautiful dynamics as well, making big, dramatic crescendos that sucked the audience in.

Senior Catie Jordan directing Women Chorale. Photo by Karoline Betteridge

  In between groups, directors Dr. Mike Martin and Hannah Sterman listed several successes the choirs had this year. The Concert Choir competed at the state level, and normally the less experienced choirs perform music from class B or C in this competition. However, the members of the choir asked to tackle music from class A. Dr. Martin reported that they received a superior rating in the competition and was very proud of them. Women’s Chorale also earned a superior rating at the competition. A small group of students also attended the Vocal Excellence Clinic, where they were judged by two difficult professors from Capital University. They, too, earned a superior rating at the conference.

  The “Most Outstanding Choir Member” awards were also handed out in the concert. These awards are voted on by fellow choir members and are awarded to a male and female in each grade level. The most outstanding freshmen members were Joanie Shaffer and Carson Davidson, and the most outstanding sophomores were Jacob Mole and Bianca Reagan.

Dr. Martin and Mrs. Sterman presenting awards. Photo by Karoline Betteridge

  Finally, Woman’s Chorale finished the concert with a student directed piece, “Here’s That Rainy Day.” Senior Catherine Jordan, who plans on studying music education at the University of Toledo next year, worked with Chorale to prepare the song from start to finish. She did a wonderful job conducting. The soloist for the song, Junior Whitney Cope, also sang very beautifully. They ended the concert by asking any women from Symphonic Choir to join Chorale for the final performance of “Psalm 8” by Daniel Forrest. Women’s Chorale combined forces with the ladies from Symphonic Choir to perform this piece at the state competition a couple months ago. From the singing to the violinist Anna Wallace, the song was the perfect way to end the concert.

Women’s Chorale. Photo by Karoline Betteridge




  The choirs will end their school year with the traditional Farewell Concert on Thursday, May 18th. Admission is free to the event.

Concert Choir. Photo by Karoline Betteridge

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