Check the clock before you go to the bathroom with the new 15×15 rule

If you need to use the restroom during class you’ll have to check the clock. The new 15×15 rule states that students are no longer allowed to leave class during the first and last 15 minutes of every period. That means that there is only an 18 minute window for students to leave class per period.

     The rule took effect at the beginning of the 2017-2018 school year as an attempt to keep people in the classrooms and eliminate distractions from students in the halls. Although this rule was created to help keep students safe and create a better learning environment, some students are not too excited about it.
   Students that are against the 15×15 rule are mainly upset about no longer having the freedom to leave the classroom whenever they want. The majority of students affected are those who use the restroom frequently. Another complaint from students is that during the middle of class when they are allowed to leave is usually the time where the teacher is lecturing or in the middle of a lesson. This makes it hard for some students to use the restroom at all during class because they don’t want to interrupt the teacher or leave class during an important lesson.

  Although there are a lot of students who are opposed to the 15×15 rule, there are some who don’t mind the change. In most cases this is just because some students don’t use the restroom during class so the rule never affects them.
  The reason behind the change, as explained by assistant principal Matt Middleton, was to help keep less people in the halls who shouldn’t be there. Middleton shared his concerns that helped to push the implementation of the 15×15 rule,
  “Unfortunately last few years we [Darby] did not have a great camera system so kids would leave the building and they would be in places in the building where they shouldn’t be,” Middleton explained.
   Darby is also trying to update their security this year. Along with the addition of new security cameras the school would like to move towards a locked door policy, where classroom doors are kept closed and locked during classes. The 15×15 rule makes it so there is less potential for distractions in the classroom from kids knocking on doors to return to class.
    Although teachers are encouraged to enforce the 15×15 rule they are also allowed to use common sense. So don’t worry if it’s an emergency, in some cases you may still be allowed to leave the class with a pass.
    As for me, I see where the annoyance from the students is coming from, but the rule hasn’t had much of an effect on me yet this school year. I do think it is kind of extreme to regulate when we can and can’t leave class the way that the 15×15 rule does, but it is ultimately in place to keep the students safe. Comment below what your thought are about the 15×15 rule!


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