Check Please has a successful night

Check Please, written by Jonathan Rand, was performed in the Darby X Theater on Friday, December 2nd. The play was directed by Seniors Ryan Untch and Cara Crowley. There were two performances, one at 6:00 p.m. and the second at 8:00 p.m.

The play was the story of a girl and a boy who go through a lots of dates in an attempt to find that special someone. Unfortunately, things don’t turn as they want to, making the show an interesting comedy. The show had a great outcome with a big cast and performances from Lauren Nobile as Girl and Junior Avedis Escandon as Guy.

Sophomore Lauren Nobile gave her thoughts about her performance and her fellow cast members.

“The first one was really good because we were all nervous and we were trying to not make a mistake, and the crowd was more alive,” Nobile explained, “Everyone was great. If I made a mistake, they would cover it and it was a such a good experience,” she added with a laugh.

One of the directors, Ryan Untch, also gave his thoughts about the cast.

“The cast did a great job with what they had and made it enjoyable for the audience. Overall it was an enjoyable experience,” Untch explains.
“The play was a funny and had a great end. I enjoyed every moment of it.”

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