Check out Clint Barnett’s road to success!

Clinton Barnett is currently a senior at Darby and has played football for all four years and ran track for two. Barnett will be attending Xavier University as a walk on for track next fall.

Barnett started playing football in seventh grade. He was not very good and did not even start on the B team. He was very disappointed in his abilities and decided not to play in eighth grade. Freshman year, Barnett decided to give football another shot. Unfortunately, the season played out similarly to middle school. Again, he was not very good, and did not start on the B team. Barnett became obsessed with getting better.

“This really lit a fire in my mind, and I became fixated on being the best I could be at football,” Barnett shared.

In the off season Barnett was in the weight room everyday trying to get better. By his sophomore season he had improved greatly, and started on JV. This still was not enough, so he continued to work hard in the weight room and in drills at practice.

“I wouldn’t be denied,” Barnett said.

Finally, his junior year he made varsity, and even started for half the year. Later that year, Barnett’s fellow teammate convinced him to come out and run for the track team. He quickly excelled in the open 100 meter dash as well as the open 200 meter dash.

“I fell in love with it. Not the running but the racing. I loved the competition and the constant want in my mind to become better,” Barnett shared.

Going into senior year, the expectations were set very high for Barnett’s athletic performances. He was starting running back in football with a very promising season ahead of him in football and track. Unfortunately, about half way through the season Barnett suffered a serious knee injury and was unable to play until the postseason.

Luckily, Barnett was cleared from his knee injury and was ready to begin his senior season of track. With lots of offseason training in the weight room and on the track, Barnett was improving exponentially, setting one new personal record after another.

In late April, he was offered a walk on spot to attend Xavier University for track and field and was ecstatic to jump on the opportunity.

“I felt like Xavier was the perfect school for me. The coaches made me feel very comfortable and at home, and they run a fantastic sprint program,” Barnett entailed.

In early May, Barnett won gold in the 100 meter dash and 200 meter dash, as well as a silver in the 4×200 meter relay at the Ohio Cardinal Conference Championships. He is currently competing at the Division 1 District Championships and ran a 22.02 second 200 meter dash, putting him at the number three spot for the fastest 200 meter dash in Darby history.

Clint Barnett is a overall outstanding athlete with an equally outstanding work ethic, who never gave up in the face of hardships.

“Never quit, if you have a strong passion for whatever you are doing in life and it makes you happy, never quit when you face some adversity. Do not allow doubt and the idea of failure to take away from your goals and ambitions,” Barnett encourages.

It is not about where one starts, but about where they finish.

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