Celebration Concert brings Darby Arts together

Day two of the Celebration Concert was on December 14th with a jam-packed auditorium that showcased the Wind Ensemble, Percussion Ensemble, and Big Band from Darby’s Band, along with the Darby’s Symphonic Choir, Women’s Chorale, and Chamber Orchestra.

  The Wind Ensemble band started the night off by playing ‘The Eighth Candle’ with amazing percussion beats that made the vibe of the room feel alive. Then, the Women’s Chorale sang from the staircases of the auditorium the song ‘And Can it Be?’. The chorale went from low octaves to high octaves making the sounds exquisite. Later that night they also sang ‘Leshana Habas’ with soloists Morgan Bair and Emma Rumbalski. Next, symphonic choir sang ‘Silent Night’ surrounding the room holding fake candles setting the mood. The bands, choirs, and orchestra have been working tirelessly for this concert.

  Sophomore soloist Morgan Bair shared how much work went into preparing for the concert.

  “We had a dress rehearsal the day before and so we could get out of class for three periods so we could be extra prepared. We also have been working on all of our songs since October,” Bair said.

  After the Symphonic Choir performed, the Chamber Orchestra had their first performance playing ‘Jour de Fete’ with an upbeat attitude. The orchestra also got to play the classic piece ‘Nutcracker Ballet’. Not only did the strings play during the song, but they also added perfect trumpet solos just like the classic.

  Next to perform was the Percussion Ensemble which played ‘G-Force’ on the marching band snare drum. The drum gave the auditorium a really amazing echo that made you feel tingly after. Ending the night the choir and orchestra played Hallelujah but not alone. At the concert, they asked for all alumni to join them to sing the last song of the night.

  The concert ended the semester on a great note that left the audience wanting more.

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