Celebrate Valentine’s Day

What better time to express your love to friends, family or partners than Valentine’s Day! This holiday is a favorite of many because of how fun and lighthearted it is, but what is Valentine’s Day exactly and why do we celebrate it annually?

  It is said that Valentine’s Day originated from the legend of Saint Valentine, a Roman priest. How he became a symbol of love is still a mystery to this day, but in the old tradition, Valentine’s Day consisted of boys pulling girls’ names from boxes and then being paired off with them. Eventually, it would become what we know, which is sending our admiration to those we love.

  I enjoy Valentine’s Day as a holiday because I think the culture is cute. I like the colors and hearts that go along with the overall design, and letting my friends know how much they mean to me. I also like how we have school on Valentine’s Day because it makes it more fun in my opinion. Although it is not the same as elementary school, where we used to create Valentine boxes and dedicate time to give cards to our classmates, the thought is still there. (Honestly though? I do miss it). However, we do have the carnations and sing-a-grams, which you have to admit are still fun to sit through even if you are not the one receiving it.

  I think Valentine’s Day is a very sweet holiday because it makes people happy. You should love the people you’re surrounded by every day, but it is still nice to have a set day to do so because everybody contributes and it just puts you in a good mood.


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