Teacher Secret Lives

Nicole Anderson is a newer addition to the Darby teaching staff who teaches multiple English classes, including Honors English 10 and AP Language and Composition. When she is away from Darby, Mrs. Anderson is a caring mother and enjoys participating in many activities. Students describe Anderson as funny and always ready to help with something in class. They also say

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Aloha, Homecoming

Have you ever been to Hawaii? Well if you haven’t, Homecoming would’ve been the perfect place for you. This year, the homecoming theme was Hawaiian luau and it was absolutely beautiful. Homecoming was the perfect place to have a great time with friends and dance your heart out!   When interviewing a guidance counselor, Cori Schulte, and asking if she had

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Senior Talent Show

On Friday, May 18th, seniors said farewell on their last day of high school by showing off their talents. The class of 2018 started their day at 8:30 with a pancake breakfast and then proceeded to go to the auditorium for the talent show.   Principal Mrs. Brickley started the show off with some reminders for the seniors and a sentimental speech. Time

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