Spaghetti Dinner

Last Saturday, November 4th, the Darby and Davidson Key Clubs volunteered to help out with the Spaghetti Dinner at the Hilliard Senior Center. The Spaghetti Dinner is a fundraiser to help raise money for an organization named Kiwanis. The nonprofit organization helps kids all around the world with issues from disease to poverty.   At the dinner, each meal was $10,

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California continues to burn

Northern California is currently facing ravaging wildfires that are having deadly effects. Due to strong winds, the fires have spread over more than 191,000 acres of land in California and ruined countless homes since October 8th. The cities Sonoma, Santa Rosa, and Napa have had the worst cases of wildfires in the state and are sending in firefighters to attempt

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Homecoming was worth the wait

This is it, the night everyone has been waiting for. Students have bought their overpriced dresses that will probably never be worn again, spent an unhealthy amount of time curling their hair, and wasted way more time thinking of clever homecoming proposals than they should have. However, after all this everyone can honestly say that homecoming 2017 was a night

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