Cancel Culture is Getting Canceled

In America, the First Amendment protects your right to say what you want, no matter how controversial, as long as it’s not inducing panic or a call to violence.  Even though your protected by law, you have no protection from the court of public opinion.

     So why is it that people are now losing their careers because they say something?  It’s because of Cancel Culture, the idea that someone did something that people found offensive so they’re going to ruin their career.

   Take Justin Trudeau, he’s the Canadian Prime Minister and extremely progressive. Since he became Prime Minister, Canada has brought in the most immigrants and spent more on government benefits.  In 2016, his approval rating was 61 percent, which is great. Then, just a few months ago, it came out that he wore black face for a party and people were outraged.  

   Martin Lukacs wrote a piece in The Guardian, a major newspaper, and the title was “Justin Trudeau is a fake progressive. Now Canada must vote for real ones. This isn’t some far left news source fighting for social justice, or a right-wing company trying to poke holes in Treudou’s leadership, this is mainstream journalism.

   People have the right to be mad at him, they’re allowed to do what they want.  What is not right is that his reputation is being trashed. He was in college and he’s human.  People make mistakes.

   This shows just how easy it is in the present political climate for something to come back and destroy someone’s career, even something that happened years ago.  People are turning against prominent figures they may have liked just a few months before, because of a past mistake. People’s livelihoods keep getting canceled. It happened with Kevin Hart when he made a joke on Twitter about the LGBT+ community from 2009 that kept him from hosting the Oscars last year.  It’s continuing to happen.  

     To be quite frank, the whole idea is horrific.  People need to move on and forgive. People make mistakes.  People are going to say things that are offensive. Accept the mistakes and move on.  People will disagree and that’s okay, because that’s life.