BurgerTime With Josh: Swenson’s

The newest fast food addition to the city of Hilliard, Swenson’s, has been the topic of much discussion lately. Located on Cemetery Road next to J.W. Reason Elementary, the drive-in style burger joint is intended to offer a tasty but affordable menu. 

    As an avid burger consumer, I decided to give the new place a try. In this review, I will be documenting my experience while also providing answers from fellow classmates and staff at Darby. To keep it fair and simple, the basic cheeseburger will be the basis of my reviews.

   Swenson’s was introduced to me this past summer, so it is not completely new to me. Although it is not the first location in the central Ohio area, I knew it was necessary for me to go because quality can sometimes vary from location to location. I was heavily invested in Swenson’s this summer, and I can confidently say that all of my prior experiences were amazing, so naturally, my expectations were high. 

   The first thing I noticed as pulled up in my 2006 Pontiac Torrent, was the larger size of the parking lot. This quickly got me excited, as I knew they were expecting big things. I decided that the ideal time for me to go was at 11:30 A.M. on a Thursday, but I soon realized that there was no ideal time. I underestimated the popularity of this place, so of course, they were packed. The only initial complaint I had was the slow service, but that didn’t really matter and I decided to let it add to the retro car side service experience.

   I kept my order simple—just a double cheeseburger and a Pepsi. I believe that there is one main thing that stands out about the burgers at Swenson’s: the cheese. The buttery taste really makes the burger delicious, but the bun is also essential to completing the creamy delight that is a cheeseburger from Swenson’s. The crisp crust and melted cheese is something I simply can’t resist. Sure, I’ve had better quality burgers, but after all it is one of the cheapest, decent quality burgers in town. There is a wide variety of sides and refreshments to compliment this burger, so I suggest you try it yourself. 

   This review would not be complete without hearing from some other people as well. I decided to take opinions from two of the biggest burger guys at Darby: Junior Zach Brandewie, and science teacher, Shawn Morris. 

   For as long as I have known Mr. Morris (approximately one month), he has done nothing but advocate for Swenson’s by constantly praising the delicious burgers at their establishment. 

   Brandewie dubbed Swenson’s his “favorite burger,” while cheeseburger extraordinaire, Mr. Morris, ranked it second on his all time burger list behind Thurman’s. 

   For me, I’d say it’s somewhere in the top ten. In conclusion, you won’t really know the quality of this experience until you try it for yourself. Enjoy!

Swenson’s overall experience rating: 8.5/10