Buckeye Ceramics provides workshop on silk-screening

Photo taken by Lucy Hennon

Photo taken by Lucy Hennon

The ceramics room was electrified with creativity as students learned a new design technique, and put it into action under the instruction of former Darby graduate, Chelsea (Balasko) Proctor. Ceramics 3 and 4 students had the special opportunity to take part in the workshop conducted by Proctor, who works for Buckeye Ceramic Supply. Students were excused from fourth and fifth period on Thursday, October 29th to attend the event.

  Ceramics teacher Darice Veri explained how the opportunity arose.

   “We work with Buckeye Ceramics Supply all the time. Chelsea, the instructor of the workshop, graduated from Darby. She and I talk all the time, she was one of my first students. She and I kind of cooked up this workshop because this is a technique that kids have never done here before and that I was very unfamiliar with, so she came in to do the workshop.”

  Senior ceramics student Nicole Hampton elaborated on the skills that Proctor was able to teach them during the workshop.

  “We learned [about] silk-screening, transferring images from paper onto clay pots and fired objects, and also about underglaze pencils, which is really cool,” enthused Hampton. “My favorite part is the underglaze part because I love using underglazes on everything.”

  Veri commented on the significance of the workshop, and what she hopes her students have taken away from the experience.


Photo taken by Lucy Hennon

Photo taken by Lucy Hennon

 “[It’s] a different way for them to think about imagery and surface, and how to put things together. It’s just another option for them to explore,” said Veri.

  Hampton shared how the new techniques presented to her will help her personally, and apply to her work throughout the year.

  “I’m the type of person that likes to do just one glaze and stick with it the whole year, so this is going to help me add different creative designs,” said Hampton.

  Veri detailed what she enjoyed most about the workshop.

  Concluded Veri, “Having Chelsea come, and watching my students be really interested in what she has to say and being so drawn to this technique [was my favorite part]. I’m excited that they liked that. We just had a wonderful day together.”


Lucy Hennon–Sports Editor

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