Boy’s soccer loss on senior night doesn’t faze them moving into the tournament

Seniors Ty Spangler, Jack Gearhiser, Josh Govine, Jason Fleischman, Tyler Stitzel, and Blake Sawicki celebrated their senior night at home against Bradley on the 10th.

  The final score of the game was 5-1 in favor of Bradley. Senior Jason Fleischman scored Darby’s one goal. The game was a loss, but their victorious season has prepared them for the tournament. They had a 6-4-6 regular season record, and a 2-0 tournament record. They are ranked tenth seed out of 47 schools, one of the best seedings in school history.

  Although the boy’s soccer senior night did not go exactly as planned, the seniors still had some great things to say about the program. Senior defender Josh Govine shared how Darby soccer has influenced their characters.

  “It’s changed how I approach things, because I have to think about what is best for other people rather than myself,” said Govine.

  Senior midfielder Jack Gearhiser agreed.

  “It’s showed me how to work as a team, one person cannot carry the entire team,” Gearhiser disclosed.

  All of the seniors, with the exception of Ty Spangler, have played soccer for all four years. The boys have grown up with the program.

  “It has changed a lot since freshman year. We have had three different coaches now, but we really like Reichle. We think he is a great coach. It’s been a lot of fun,” Gearhiser said.

  There have been no senior boys that have yet committed to playing soccer after high school, but they definitely will not forget their times playing soccer for Darby anytime soon.

   “It has been so fun. If I could play for another four years, I would,” Govine shared.

   “I am really going to miss the people I play with everyday,” Gearhiser added.

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