Boys JV basketball team loses against Olentangy Orange

The Darby boys Junior Varsity basketball team went up against Olentangy Orange on Tuesday evening. The game ended in a defeat for the Panthers, with a score of 52-60.

The Panthers got in the game quickly with the first basket of the game being scored by number 30, CJ Jasper, bringing the score to 3-0. Shortly after Jasper scored, the Pioneers made 4 layups bringing the score to 3-8. The next basket made by Darby was a layup by number 23, Kai Burmeister. The next four baskets were made by the opposing team. Then the Panthers made a comeback with a layup by number , Kyle Miller and a three-point shot by number , Solomon Toliver. The last two shots of the first quarter was taken by Burmeister after the Pioneers fouled, bring the score to 12-20.

The second period started off rough for Darby’s boys with Olentangy Orange scoring 2 points from a free throw after a foul on Darby. Darby‚Äôs next scoring shots were made by Burmeister. Number 20, Caleb Long made two three-point shots, causing the onlooking fans to go wild. The Pioneers next baskets were mostly layups and one three-pointer. The last basket was thrown by Burmeister ending the first half of the game with a score of 23-35.

The third period began with the boys trying their best to decrease the gap

Photo Courtesy of Karoline Betteridge

Photo Courtesy of Karoline Betteridge

in the scores. It took several tries, but Toliver was finally able to score a three pointer followed by Kris Day scoring two points. Then Burmeister scored 2 points again after Olentangy Orange fouled. This exciting quarter ended with a score of 33-52 with the Pioneers still in the lead.

During the final period, the Panthers struggled to catch up to the Pioneers. Many shots were made by Burmeister, number 11 Colton Wood, and number 3, Kyle Miller. The game ended with a loss for the Panthers with a score of 52-60.

Overall, the Panthers played their hearts out but just couldn’t get ahead. Their next game is against the Worthington Kilbourne Wolves on Friday December 16 at 6pm in the Worthington gym.

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