Boys Cross Country Districts

Over the weekend on October 20th, Darby held the Cross Country Districts meet. Over 200 teams and 1500 runners came to compete at the North Fields.

  Sophomore, Braden Bower believes the team worked very hard over the weekend, even changing up their practice to prepare for this race.

  “We changed our practices by tracking mileage and multiplied our effort,” Bower said.

  The Darby boys ran six of their best runners for the division one, section 2 race. Darby started off a little rocky, but slowly moved up. By the first split (a time tracker at the one mile

 mark that paces a runner), Darby’s runners ranged from places 8-50. Sophomore, Sean Carney was leading Darby in eighth and stayed consistent for the second split as well. Senior Eric 

Lowery was in 27th place until he moved up 5 spots between the first and second split. By the time they reached the finish line, each of the boys moved up at least 3 places. Carney ended in the top ten in 5th place with a time of 16:30.0. Out of the 16 teams, the Darby Boys Cross Country team ended in 4th place.

  For the open race, Darby ran all of the other boys on their team. The team did very well in the first two miles. By the last mile, it started hailing and heavily raining, making the run a challenge for the boys. In the end, all the boys worked very hard and did very well.

Photo taken by Claire Huffman

  The boys team will now move on to Regionals. Matthew Fox, who coaches the team,thinks that the team did very well, but needs to work on some things before the race at regionals.

  “For regionals, as a team, we need to close the gap between our 1-5 runners and get into better positioning midway through the race,” Fox said. “We are going to have to really battle hard between the 1st and 2nd miles.”

  Congratulations to the boys over this weekend. We wish them the best of luck as they move on to Regionals.

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