Book Review: “It Gets Better”

It Gets Better is a great and unique nonfiction book written by many of YouTube’s Bloggers and other influential figures like President Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and Perez Hilton.  

  The book was put together by married couple Dan Savage and Terry Miller. The book shares about the stories of many different people worldwide talking to LGBT youth about the struggles of coming out, and what it was like for them when they were discovering themselves as gay, lesbian, bisexual, or transgender.

  They also talk about overcoming bullying and the experiences and emotions they felt during high school, some even after college. Savage and Miller even share what it was like for them when they were being bullied in high school.

  This is a great book for readers who are struggling with the pressure of coming out, or bullying. The people who contributed to this book want to help everyone in the LGBT community to overcome any negative feelings brought upon them by bullies, friends, or even family.

  What I liked about the book is that there was a lot of inspiring stories that I think a lot of people who are in the LGBT community can also take a great message from. The message being that no matter who you are, you have support and that It Gets Better.

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