Binge-watching Dexter is the next best thing

Crime sells in the TV Industry, from Criminal Minds to CSI, to the other side of the spectrum with shows like Prison Break and Breaking Bad where the narrative is committing crime. In all these shows there is a line: on one side it is detective work and catching the criminal, while on the other side it is committing the crime and trying to get away with it. The only show that’s in the middle of this line is called Dexter.

  Dexter is a TV Series that takes place in Miami, Florida. The main character is Dexter Morgan who is a sociopath that works for the Miami-Metro Police as a forensic blood spatter analyst. The catch is that he is a serial killer that hunts down other serial killers. Call him a criminal or vigilante, but the show is phenomenal.

  Junior Hayden Vroom explained why she loves the show so much.

  “Overall great show. Dexter has the best intro into each episode, the storyline is great and for the most part consistent despite a couple shocking deaths. The only downfall is the ending; it is very questionable,” said Vroom.

  Overall, I would give Dexter a 9/10. The plot of the story is really good and the acting isn’t terrible, the biggest problem about Dexter is the end. Personally, I did not think the ending was terrible. However, viewers that like the way shows like The Office and Friends end will not get that kind of satisfaction with Dexter. The ending could of been better and did not live up to the high standard the show had set. With that being said, Dexter is a great show that is different from the rest of the pack.

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