Better Life- The end of a chapter

Life advice from someone who has a lot of life left to live.

May is often a time of reflection for students. We remember all the fun things we did throughout the year with our friends and classmates. We realize how much we’ve learned and grown not only as students but as people. It is especially a time for seniors to reminisce about all of their thirteen years in school. As a senior myself, I know I have thought a lot about what I’m going to remember about high school. I will remember the numerous Saturday nights I spent playing cards with my friends. I will remember the teachers who made me think or laugh. I will remember the people who helped to shape me into the young woman I am today.

  We are told as elementary school students that they are preparing us for sixth grade. Than in sixth grade they’re preparing us for middle school, in middle school they prepare us for high school, and in high school students are being prepared for college. We’re always looking ahead, waiting for the future to get here and make something better. It’s absolutely fine to look ahead to the future. It’s necessary, really. However, your future is not defined by what you did in the past. You make your own future in the moment. I have spent countless hours discussing what I’m going to do after high school with people since my junior year. I feel like every time I talk to someone, I talk about my future plans.

  I’m excited for the future. I’m excited to move to a new state and attend a new school. I’m looking forward to starting something new, something that’s really my own. When you’re excited for something ahead, it’s hard to be present now. Try not to forget. Every so often, stop, look around, and take a mental picture. These will be the things you will think about when you walk across the stage at the Schottenstein Center on graduation day. You won’t think about the math test you bombed, or the lost points on your English essay. You won’t remember what you wore on the first day of freshman year, and you probably won’t remember all of the stupid stuff you said. You’ll remember the little mental snapshots, those moments you paused and looked up from your own path.

The future is going to get here soon enough, I promise. The four years you spend in high school will be a blur in a short amount of time. Spend time making memories with your friends. Laugh until your sides hurt for days, or cry when you’ve had enough. Work hard in school, but don’t cheat yourself opportunities. Take some time for yourself every once and awhile. Whatever you do, do it for yourself. As Ferris Bueller said, “Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in awhile, you could miss it.”

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