Better Life- Scheduling

Life advice from someone who has a lot of life left to live.


I never took the guidance counselors seriously when they said to be careful in scheduling your classes. I knew I could handle whatever I chose to take because I would work my butt off no matter what. Sure, sometimes I got buried under a massive pile of homework, but I could handle it. For the first three years of my high school experience, this was true; I got mostly A’s as my final grades and was able to keep up with the work for the most part.

  This year, however, I took my busy schedule up a notch. I took an independent study instead of going to lunch, and on top of it I had no study halls. That meant I was in a class every single period of the day. However, I took some minimal stress classes amongst the honors and A.P. courses, so it wasn’t so bad. I did well until my math class got the tiniest bit more challenging. Three bad quiz scores and one bad test score later, I was in hot water. I couldn’t put the time into my math that I needed in order to understand enough to take the tests because of all the classes and extracurriculars I was in. I had to drop a class after the second quarter ended in order to pull my grades back up.

  My advice to you is listen to the guidance counselors. They know the workload of certain classes better than you do. If I had heeded the annual advice, I would have been okay. Don’t get yourself into a situation where you can’t do your homework because you’re too busy with other classes. It can be really hard to get yourself out of a bad situation with your grades, and often times it’s not worth all the stress you are going to cause yourself.

  That being said, you do know yourself a little bit better then the guidance counselors. Maybe you will be able to handle the amount of work required for certain classes. If that’s you, then good for you! However, everyone has a different limit. Your friend may be able to handle five A.P. classes at once, while you may only be able to handle one. That is totally okay. It is better to succeed and excel in one class than to do average in several.

  I’m not saying you shouldn’t challenge yourself in the interest of your stress levels. You should absolutely take a class that will challenge you in some way. Maybe that is an A.P. or honors class, or maybe it’s not. I’m saying, know thy limits. I could barely stay afloat in my math class because of everything that was going on in my life, so I made a change. There is no shame in keeping your workload to a minimum. As Tony Robbins once said, “No matter how many mistakes you make or how slow your progress, you’re still way ahead of everyone who isn’t trying.”

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