Best Thanksgiving Foods

The best time of the year to get together with your family and relatives is Thanksgiving. During the Thanksgiving season, families are scrambling to make the best foods for their loved ones. Some of the most popular and traditional foods made for this big feast include turkey, ham, mashed potatoes, corn, and stuffing. With all this delicious food made for the special holiday, there are also the famous pies that are made as well. Some of the popular pies made during Thanksgiving are pumpkin, apple, pecan, cherry, and chocolate.  

  I asked Allison Williams, a senior, for her opinion about the best Thanksgiving foods.

  “My favorite Thanksgiving food is mashed potatoes. They usually go with everything on the table and my mom always adds a ton of butter to make them yummy,” Williams shared.

  Williams also discussed her favorite dessert to enjoy on Thanksgiving.

  “My favorite dessert is pumpkin pie and one dessert I wish my family would make is apple pie. My Thanksgiving is awesome because I get to be around everyone I love,” she explained.

  Allison described how she sometimes helps with making the holiday meal but her step dad is a cook and normally makes everything way better then she could have.

  Thanksgiving is a great time of year to try new recipes, for example the top new recipes in 2018 include, pumpkin pie french toast, whipped coconut cream pie, and corn and mushroom casserole. There are even some dishes for vegan and vegetarian people. Some examples are harvest vegan nut roast, vegan pumpkin pie, and tofu turkey. Ultimately, the traditional meal for Thanksgiving across America is turkey or ham and mashed potatoes.  

  I also got the chance to ask Sophomore Maddy Leone about her favorite Thanksgiving foods.

  “My favorite food for Thanksgiving is turkey because I get to eat a lot of it,” Leone said.

  Maddy also explained how her favorite dessert is pumpkin pie and she loves Thanksgiving because she gets to be around her family that she doesn’t get to see that often.

  “My favorite Thanksgiving was 2 years ago because I ate a whole turkey leg and I surprised myself!”

  Panther Press took a poll on their twitter page trying to see what the student body’s favorite Thanksgiving foods and desserts are. Our results stated that the best Thanksgiving food is mashed potatoes and the best dessert is pumpkin pie. Everyone have a good break and spend this time with your loved ones!

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