Battle of the classes at the annual powder puff game

Students from all grades gathered at Darby’s football stadium to enjoy the annual Powder Puff football game and cheer on the players. The game was on Wednesday, November 7 at 6 p.m. and it was a fundraiser by the Junior Class Cabinet with the goal of raising money for prom in the spring. This year, there were two teams who participated in the game, unlike previous years in which each grade had a team. The Pink Team, which consisted of seniors and sophomores, played a tough game against the Blue Team, which was made up of juniors and freshmen. Carolyn Hales was the quarterback for the Pink Team, and Hannah Dameron threw for the Blue Team.

  The cheerleaders did their part in hyping up the audience on multiple occasions. Noah Adams and Justin Shaw led the cheerleaders in many tough and impressive cheers throughout the night, including the infamous Panther Rumble. They kept the audience laughing and in good spirits during the tough game and the cold weather.

  In the first half, the Pink Team’s star player, Hope Saunders, scored the first touchdown of the game. Hope is a sophomore here at Darby, and scored most of the touchdowns for her team throughout the night. The Blue Team quickly responded with a touchdown of their own, thanks to Ashley Bowers, a freshman. The Pink Team made a notable play when they handed off the ball to Hope Saunders and she ran for a 20 yard gain. Later in the half, Hope scored another touchdown for the Pink Team. Carolyn Hales, a senior, had a really good game and worked hard to improve her quarterback skills from last year when she was quarterback of the junior team. At halftime, the score was 12-6 with the Pink Team in the lead.

  The halftime show was definitely one for the books. The cheerleaders hosted a relay race on scooters wherein they had to race one another while pushing each other up and down the track a few times. It was quite entertaining.

  The teams met with their coaches and came up with a plan on how they were going to move forward in the game. Once the second half started, it was clear that both teams were eager to win. Hope Saunders scored another touchdown for the Pink Team, bringing the score up to 19-6 with the addition of the point after kick. Then, Sophia Fratturelli, a freshman, scored a touchdown for her team as they hoped to make a comeback.

  Senior, Emily Schneck, responded quickly with another touchdown for the Pink Team soon after. The team then decided to go for a two-point conversion with the help of their star player, Hope Saunders, and she was successful. The Blue Team then had the ball, but threw an interception in the last minute of the game. As the clock ran out, the Pink Team celebrated their victory. The final score of the game was 27-12.

  The Junior Class Cabinet was pleased with the amount of money they raised from the event and are excited about their plans for prom. Cabinet secretary, Ariana Parquette, explained why she thought the game was a success.

  “We faced the adversity of moving it to the nighttime, but for the fact that it is the nighttime, I think [the game] turned out really well,” she said.

  She went on to explain how the money from the tickets sold from the game will greatly help Junior Class Cabinet pay for the venue, the lights, and everything else that is needed for a great prom night.

   The girls fought hard for their teams at this year’s Powder Puff game, but most importantly, they had a fantastic time playing. If you want prom to be great this year, make sure to come out and support Junior Class Cabinet at their future fundraisers!

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