Spaghetti Dinner

Last Saturday, November 4th, the Darby and Davidson Key Clubs volunteered to help out with the Spaghetti Dinner at the Hilliard Senior Center. The Spaghetti Dinner is a fundraiser to help raise money for an organization named Kiwanis. The nonprofit organization helps kids all around the world with issues from disease to poverty.   At the dinner, each meal was $10,

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Marching Band performs exceptionally at their Invitational

The Hilliard Darby Band hosted the Hilliard Band Invitational last Saturday on October 7th. The competition lasted for four hours and hosted eight bands, including Darby’s own marching band.     The band played extraordinarily well on Saturday, playing and marching perfectly in sync with their music. The band played a piece named “The Bridge”. In their performance they had massive props

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