Australia wildfires tear through the country

Since late July, wildfires have been burning across Australia killing as many as 28 people and millions of animals, as well as destroying over three thousand homes. It’s a struggle to contain the massive wildfires which range all over the country, even with the help from firefighters sent to aid from other countries. Needless to say this has been one of the worst wildfires seen this decade, and many believe the severity of the fires could be linked to climate change.

       Usually fires such as these are natural and occur every year during the Australian summer with the hot dry weather. Most of the time these fires are caused by lightning, but in some cases these fires can be due to people starting them either accidentally or on purpose 

     Mr. Dickman, a science teacher at Darby was asked what he believed the cause could be.

     “It could be anything really; discarded lit cigarette? Lightning?” said Dickman.

       This hasn’t been the worst bushfire in Australia’s history, however, back in 2009, fires killed 179 people in Victoria compared to the 28 that have died so far, but the fires continued to rage and in early December, smoke caused the air quality to reach 11 times over the level considered hazardous. According to CNN, one reason the fires have been particularly bad this time around is one of the worst droughts and record breaking temperatures, combined with strong winds. In total more than 17.9 million acres have been scorched. 

       Climate activists are using this large wildfire to help convince others to push for improvements in their fight against climate change, since many believe it is the cause of the severity of the fires. 

     One concerned Darby student, Cameron McNeil, stated, “As the Australian fires continue to devastate society, we as a people need to take action and it’s our duty as a society to help”. 

   This is the belief held by climate activists as well as the Australian people who need help in these tough times. 

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