Athlete Spotlight: Tavo Huey

Senior Tavo Huey plays for the boys Panthers Varsity soccer team. Soccer has been Huey’s passion for the last nine years.

  Huey is a dedicated athlete, and with dedication comes time. Huey is on the field almost every day, either honing his skills or playing his heart out in a game.  Along with soccer, he also has school work, and does not have a lot of free time. Huey explains how he keeps up with school even though soccer takes up a lot of his time.

  “I try to do my homework after practice, and if I need help I go to my teachers and

ask for help,” Huey explained.tavo-huey

  Being an athlete, it is important to build up skills such as teamwork and how to face challenges. Skills like these are not only important on the field, but also in life. Huey’s advice to other athletes is to focus on the task at hand and work hard to accomplish it.

  “Set a goal and work hard until you reach it,” Huey advised.

  Huey plans to attend Muskingum University and study sociology and spanish. He will also be playing soccer for the university.

  Soccer coach Kyle Reichle met Huey for the first time this past summer. In comparison to the beginning of the season, Mr. Reichle said Huey has made great strides in his game.

  “He’s made steps in the maturity of his game and how he overcomes adversity,” Reichle stated.

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