Athlete Spotlight: Rita Johnson


Sophomore Rita Johnson didn’t let an injured back keep her off the tennis courts this season. This is Johnson’s third year playing tennis and plays for the Panther’s Junior Varsity  tennis team

  Johnson explained how a wrist injury in 2015 kept her out of the game.

  “I injured both of my wrists.” Johnson stated. “I had tendonitis and couldn’t play or write. It was really hard for me and I couldn’t finish my season.”

  This season, Johnson’s wrists have healed. She came into the season excited to play once more. However, Johnson was injured once again when the team competed against Dublin Scioto. This time, the injury was to her sciatic nerve, the largest nerve in the human body.

  Johnson described the amount of pain involved with her injury.

  “It was hard to walk and extremely painful,” Johnson said.

  Johnson was determined to not let this injury stop her from playing the game she loves. She rested her back for several games, giving it time to heal.

  Johnson stated, “I decided that I wouldn’t end my season with another injury.”

  Slowly but surely, Johnson got back into the swing of playing tennis. Eventually, she was able to play with the Panthers at her normal level.

  “I worked hard to be where I am,” Johnson said. “With my injuries, I learned the importance of never giving up.”

By Emily Betteridge and Karoline Betteridge


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