Athlete Spotlight: Claire Gbur

Claire Gbur, a freshman at Darby, is long-time member of Ohio Coralinas Synchro, a Synchronized Swimming Program based out of Central Ohio.

  In 2016, Gbur competed with her 13-15 age group team at the Junior Olympics. They placed 16th out of 46 teams in preliminaries. In 2017 they returned to the Junior Olympic pool and her team placed 10th in preliminaries out of 37 teams, in the 13-15 age group. Standing at 5ft 9in, Gbur is the tallest on her team of 11 swimmers.

  Gbur began swimming five years ago after making a bet with her 4th grade teacher.  Before 4th grade Gbur was not involved in any sports.  Her teacher said that he would stop biting his nails, a habit that bothered Gbur, if she found a sport to play. In order to win her side of the bet, Gbur signed up for synchronized swimming.

Gbur, (bottom row, fourth to the right) with some swimmers and staff of the Ohio Coralinas Synchronized Swimming Team

  Gbur explained what her favorite part of synchronized swimming is.

  “All the team bonding, there are 16 girls on team and we are really close knit and just like a giant family,” Gbur said.

  Gbur would like to continue swimming through high school and, if she is able to, she would love to continue swimming after high school at whatever college she attends. Not every college has synchronized swimming teams, but those that do are well known. Ohio State University, Stanford University, and MIT are just three of many high profile schools that have successful synchronized swimming programs.
  Thanks to that bet five years ago, Gbur found a sport that she loves and a group of friends that will support her for many years to come.

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