Athlete Interview: Jack Gearhiser

While spectating at a sporting event, all the hard work athletes have put into their trade may not be apparent from the stands.

  Soccer team captain and Senior, Jack Gearhiser has worked hard to be where he is and has shown some strengths and weaknesses on the field.

  “I bring experience to the team, since this is my second year starting varsity and we also have an experienced midfield which helps out a lot,” Gearhiser said, “as a team player, I think my greatest weakness is the lack of communication on the field.”

Varsity Coach Kyle Reichle had also been saying that the team needs to talk more so they can maneuver the ball through the field quicker. The varsity boys soccer team made that a priority, and they had one way of approaching it.

  “We got tenth seed in the tournament this year, which is one of the best in Darby’s history and if we all keep practicing hard enough, then we will approach the tournament with a great amount of pride and dignity,” Reichle explained.

  Darby has been performing outstandingly throughout the 2017 districts, and as a player, Gearhiser is happy to be a part of the team and is contributing the most he can. Some situations during their games call for smart and thought out answers, and the captains help out a lot in these situations.

  “We just need to learn to calm down in these situations so we don’t get out of hand and then we can just go back to what we know, “ explained Gearhiser.

  Gearhiser believes that the seniors on the team can calm the Varsity team down, and that the captains can help as well, because they have more experience with varsity and they never give up on a play. Good luck to all the seniors from here on out and especially in college. Jack was also a part of the first team in Darby history in the year of 2017 to win a District Championship.

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