Artist Profile; Spoorthi Kandalai

Spoorthi Kandalai is a freshman here at Darby, and is an amazing artist. She constantly produces beautiful pieces of art that speak up for peace and equality when others don’t. She manages to make all of these works of art on top of a 4.43 GPA.

     When Spoorthi was asked about her favorite piece that she has done, she automatically said her peace painting. When you see the painting it speaks for itself. The meaning of a painting could take hours to explain but here is a shorter explanation. 

   “Overall, the entire thing represents peace between all people on Earth. Even though there is darkness, the light can always shine through. The good is greater than the bad and it always will be.” Said Kandalai. 

   This painting took her 28 hours to finish, from the sketching to making sure the colors she used were perfect; she never settles for good but for greatness.

    Mrs. Bosa is a new teacher here at Darby but has been watching Spoorthi paint and draw since the 7th grade. 

   “Her skills have just continued to improve since the 7th grade. She has gotten a lot better at shading and making things look more naturalistic, especially when it comes to faces and hands or even non living objects such as buildings. And if you look at the picture in particular and check out all the monuments, the shading is really awesome and how it just blends from one color to the next. I can’t wait to see what Spoorthi continues to do in her art career here at Darby but she has already crushed painting one,” Bosa said.

   Mrs. Bosa will always encourage Spoorthi to express her thoughts and opinions in her artwork, and hopes she will never forget how to love the fine arts.

   Overall Spoorthi is a very ambitious person who will never fail to impress her friends and family around her. 

   “I will never forget Mrs. Bosa who made me the artist I am today and my friends who always support anything I want to do,” said Kandalai. 

   Spoorthi is beautiful inside and out and makes it easy to appreciate the art she has made. Her peace painting helped her realize all of the good in the world, and that for the world to come together we need to forget our differences and leave the hate behind.

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