Art student follows in his father’s footsteps

Junior Yosiel Becerril started painting this year and enjoys painting abstract works of art. He is inspired by his father, who is a painter, and encouraged Becerril to step out of his comfort zone.

  Becerril uses painting as an outlet to express his creativity, while using his father’s old

The image Becerril is using as inspiration for his next piece

paintings or drawings to lead him into his paintings.

  “It brings out the creativity in me and I can also do my own thing or my own style of art,” Becerril shared.

   Although many students start out just take painting to have one more art credit like Becerril, he is now really enjoying the class. With the help of his father and friends, he might just become a great artist. A current project in his class, Painting 1, has him working on is a sketch outline of their next painting and they may choose anything to base the drawing off of.

  Becerril has a unique way of thinking about art and creativity.  

  “Most art is similar, but as long as you think of ways to make it different you may have so many possibilities come to mind which help you form a creative mindset. Always think outside the box, and make sure you know how you want to approach your piece of art,” Becerril explained.

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