Mackensie Stellrecht’s “Sushi” featured at Art Show

Darby’s annual Art Show is under way, and there are a lot of talented artists ready to share and possibly sell their work this weekend. The art show happens simultaneously with the spring musical every year, and drawing, painting, photography, media arts, and ceramics students alike can all participate in the show.

Sushi. Photo courtesy of Makenzie Stellrecht

  One of the students that will be featured is Mackensie Stellrecht, a Sophomore currently taking Drawing Three. Her piece entitled, “Sushi” will be displayed near the front of the room. It will be easy to pick out, as it is made entirely out of sequins. This is a unique medium that Stellrecht chose for a project in which students had to pick another tool than pencils to create a piece with.

  Stellrecht expanded on her inspiration for Sushi.

  “I got the idea for sequins because I wanted to do something different with a medium that people don’t really use. So I decided on sequins when we did a project using different mediums.”

  Most art takes time, and Sushi was no exception. Stellrecht worked on the project throughout the year, dedicating countless hours to its creation.

  “This project was definitely a commitment throughout the year” she stated.

  Stellrecht has taken both Drawing One and Two in addition to Drawing Three. During this time, she has created many works of art. However, she does have a favorite.   

  “My favorite art piece I have done is my Sushi,” Stellrecht said. “It’s one of the best pieces I have done. I love the way it turned out while using the sequins.”

  Sushi isn’t the only thing that she has made out of sequins. Stellrecht reported that she has created candy out of sequins in the past. She is also currently working on a picture of a jellyfish that will also feature sequins.
  Students, parents, and the general public can all see Stellrecht’s Sushi and other great works of Panther art on April 22nd, 23rd, and 24th. Admission to the art show is free. There will also be some student-made pottery for sale so that anyone can own a hand-crafted item.

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