Art of the Month: Spongebob Pineapple

Ceramics 1 is starting off this year with the “Pinching Project.” The students just started this project on Monday, August 29th. The assignment is to create a piece that is personal to them. All the students are excited to create a piece that is meaningful to them or they can chose to do something random.

   Senior Andre Berry is choosing to make Spongebob’s pineapple house. He explains why he chose to make it.

  “Being childish basically,” Berry said humorously.

   He has started the base of the pineapple and has hopes that the project will turn out a success.

   Darice Veri is the ceramics teacher at Darby. She explains what she thinks of the project.

  “We go a little slow and the kids think it’s a little rinky-dink, but it gives me a chance to do a lot of observations,” Veri explained.

   Sophomore Ashley Weer, a student in ceramics 2, explains what she is doing at the moment in her class.

  “Currently we are centering, [which is] when you put the clay in the middle of the wheel and you spin it around so it’s centered, ” Weer said.

  All of the students look forward to finishing their projects.

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