AP Testing at Darby

The two weeks of AP testing are finally over at Darby, and the students could not be happier.

  Starting on Monday, May 7th, and ending on Friday, May 18th, students taking any of the AP exams were to report to the wrestling room by either 8am, 12pm, or 2pm. Some tests lasted only a couple hours, while others might have lasted for most of the day. Those who spent a while in the highly ventilated room were let out around 6th period to eat lunch. A large total of 35 tests were available for students to take, but not required. Students were given the option to choose whether they wanted to take the tests or not.

  Students who did not sign up for AP testing attended class as usual even if most of their classmates were gone which, in most cases, led for a pretty laid back day with no plans. But the students who were out due to testing are glad that their school days have returned to normal.

  Katrina Velarde, Junior, shares her thoughts about the testing weeks.

  “I’m exhausted and just glad it’s over. I’ve been studying nonstop! The fact that I don’t have to worry about it anymore is relaxing.” Velarde exclaims.

   Now that testing is over, students and teachers have more time to work on end of the year projects and assignments. With the Seniors gone, the excitement of summer break inches closer but it is still important to focus on ending the year with good grades, so great job with testing Darby, and let’s make sure we end this year with bang!


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