AP Microeconomics

AP Microeconomics has made its debut at Darby this semester. The class is taught by Chris Maul, and prepares the students to take the AP test at the end of the year. It teaches the basics of economy and how companies produce goods.

  “It’s interesting, entertaining, [and] a bit challenging to teach and learn.”

  Being taught for the first time at Darby, Maul explains how refreshing it is to teach a class in its first year. And after 19 years of teaching, Maul notes that the 94 participating students are what make the course unique.

  “[It’s a] great group of kids in all the classes…[and] they are really into it.”

  The college level course curriculum ranges from teaching consumer-producer relationships to market structures. The class not only fulfills the financial literacy credit needed to graduate, it is also very relevant and beneficial to learning how society functions. After all, everything we buy and sell functions in the economy.

 The class is available for one semester and is great preparation for college economics classes and the AP Microeconomics test in May. It has a fun environment while still providing a great deal of necessary information.

   Attending the class is junior Ethan Hessick, who enjoys the economic concepts.

   “Mr. Maul is a really nice guy and a good teacher…[and it helps me] understand concepts that control how we buy and sell.”

    Hessick recommends taking the class to better understand the economy and how it works.

  Also available to Juniors and Seniors is AP Macroeconomics. The course is similar to AP Micro in that it satisfies the financial literacy requirement, but focuses on different parts of the economy. The new course teaches monetary policies and measuring changes in standards of living.

 If interested in AP Microeconomics, talk to the Darby Counselors or Mr. Maul for more information.



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