Aloha, Homecoming

Have you ever been to Hawaii? Well if you haven’t, Homecoming would’ve been the perfect place for you. This year, the homecoming theme was Hawaiian luau and it was absolutely beautiful. Homecoming was the perfect place to have a great time with friends and dance your heart out!

  When interviewing a guidance counselor, Cori Schulte, and asking if she had any ideas for themes for next year’s homecoming dance, she discussed the process of choosing themes for school dances.

  “I think it’s something that just kind of happens that month and whatever is the popular themes and stuff of what’s going on. We are getting ready for prom and I know the junior cabinet will start to be thinking about prom themes,” Schulte clarified.

  That means if you didn’t go to the homecoming dance, you can look forward to going to prom your Junior and Senior year. When asked why she would encourage students to go to the homecoming dance Schulte quickly replied.

  “Homecoming is very fun. It’s a great event and it’s a good place to be safe and have a good time. There’s lots of different activities besides just dancing. There’s a space outside where people can go and we have cornhole and other things,” she explained.

  Homecoming was the perfect place to hang out with friends and have a good time dancing and doing all sorts of activities. Students enjoyed themselves and the overall experience of attending Homecoming.

  Keny Castro, a sophomore who went to homecoming, had a lot to say about her experience.

  “My homecoming experience was great this year and it was better than last year. This year they played better music … and overall I had fun just hanging out with my friends,”she noted.

Then, I asked what the best part of homecoming was for her..

  “The best part of homecoming this year was hanging out with my friends, dancing and just making memories,” she concluded.

   For all of you that wanted to know how Homecoming was, it was an overall success!

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