Allison’s Prior Experience Helps Her Create Amazing Work

Junior Marisol Allison is in her third year of photography and has had a very successful photo career so far. She came into photography already knowing a great deal because of all that her grandpa taught her. He is a photography professor at OSU, and because of all she learned from him, she got to advance through her first year of photo pretty quickly.

  “I already walked in with good knowledge about photography, but I knew I had so much to learn, like the process of using the darkroom, where to frame my pictures, and how it should look on the image,” Allison said.

  Her skills have led her to create some of her favorite works like her Buddha image, a piece about American Girl Dolls called “Feet First”, and the portraits she is working on now.

Photo taken by Kiera Toliver. Both images, Buddha and Feet First by Marisol Allison.

  Her Buddha image is from photography 1, since the photo was so popular she is still making more prints of it to sell. “Feet First” was also a popular piece that she took to the Governor’s Show last year. The piece went to the semi finals.

Photo taken by Kiera Toliver. Marisol Allison’s Buddha image.

 “The Governor’s show was amazing, there were people from across Ohio. It was interesting to see how there wasn’t anything that was similar. I didn’t see anyone else using American Girl dolls,” Allison noted.

Photo taken by Kiera Toliver. American Girl Doll imaged called Feet First by Marisol Allison.

  With her piece she is working on now, she decided to move away toward the landscape photography she was doing. Capturing people’s emotions is an area in which Allison feels she excels.

  “I am currently working on portraits of my friends and capturing their emotions into an image, whether it be sad angry or happy,” she said.

If Allison’s previous work is any indication of what’s to come in the future, you don’t want to miss it.

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