AirPods Review: Are They Worth It?

Recently, AirPods by Apple have been receiving a lot of attention across multiple social media platforms. Despite being released in December 2016, AirPods have not been a very hot topic until now. Although purchasing AirPods was quite expensive, I found it necessary for a variety of reasons. In this review, I will be analyzing the pros and cons of AirPods from Apple.

  Personally, I benefit from using AirPods because they offer an easier way for me to listen to music, but I will discuss that later. At face value, AirPods look like the same exact earbuds that normally come with Apple devices, just as a bluetooth version without the cord. This is true, but there are many other components. AirPods come stored in a small white case; this is the charger. In your AirPod box, you will also receive a normal Apple charging cord for the AirPod charging case. I found this to be slightly annoying at first, until I realized that the charger battery lasts days, depending on how much you use them. Basically, the charger does not lose battery if you are wearing your AirPods.

  AirPods are not just for music, in fact, they are quite versatile. Double-tapping your AirPods is like giving them a command. You can customize the right and left AirPod to your preference. Also, you can pause your music by simply removing one of your AirPods from your ear.  You can easily answer phone calls and talk to Siri. Another feature is “Live Listen,” which allows you to have your AirPods in while your phone picks up the audio of what is going on around you. This provides a better way to hear, and can help with hearing issues. There are many other features, but you will never really know if you like them unless you try them yourself.

  So, now the real question: are they worth the money you have to pay for them?  Personally, I think so. I think if you are somebody who listens to music often, they are completely worth it. I like them because it gives me an easier way to listen to music while doing physical activities. Also, having your phone in your pocket or hand is not necessary because AirPods will work, as long as you are within fifty feet of your phone, and that is something that you cannot get with other bluetooth headphones. There are other great bluetooth headphones, but nothing beats the simplicity of AirPods. AirPods are currently $159.00 on the Apple website, and you should go get yours now!

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