After Prom: A Success Yet Again

This year’s Prom was a success, yet again. Prom consisted of a dessert hour, followed by the dance from 8:00 pm to 11:00 pm. Afterwards, most of the students in attendance met at Dave & Busters to cap off a very enjoyable night at the PTO sponsored After-Prom.

With this being my first prom experience, I was not sure what to expect. After talking with my older brother, who graduated from Darby three years ago, I determined that after-prom was most likely going to be the most fun part of the experience.

At after prom, all of the students in attendance were given game cards and unlimited food and drinks. There were plenty of things going on to keep everybody occupied. People really enjoyed playing pool, arcade games, eating food, and watching the Columbus Blue Jackets playoff victory over the Boston Bruins. Not only was I super impressed by after prom, but many other students were as well.

  Alonzo Bush, a junior at Darby, explained that “After-Prom definitely exceeded my expectations, and it was very enjoyable.”

  I asked a few students about their favorite part of the experience, and sure enough, I got similar answers across the board.

  Bush said, “my favorite part of after-prom were the games because there was so many options. Dave & Buster’s was truly an excellent choice.”

  Maya Krieger, Junior, told me that “I loved that I was able to see everybody, and have endless drinks.” Finally, I asked if the $22 cost for the ticket was worth it, and I received a resounding “Yes!”

Thanks to the Junior Class Cabinet, the student body had yet another enjoyable prom experience. This was all possible because of the many fundraisers put on throughout the school year. Currently, next year’s prom is scheduled for April 4th, at the Exchange at Bridge Park, and the plan is to once again have a fun after prom at Dave & Buster’s!