ACT Prep Comes to Darby

The ACT Prep session was on February 14 of last week. Originally it was supposed to be the week before, but due to a snow day it was postponed. About sixty students participated in the day long event and found it very helpful, as well as making them feel more confident about the actual ACT, which is available to take next week on February 27th.

The Prep was held in the PAC from 7:30am to 2:00pm last Wednesday. Students were given a handbook full of practice problems you might see on the ACT, as well as answer sheets to make sure your work is correct. The instructor went through the handbook with students to make them comfortable with the material. She did a lot of the Algebra and English sections, writing example problems down in case there were questions, but briefly went over the Science portion because the ACT does not focus on it as much.

Students were given occasional five minute breaks and 30 minutes for lunch. They were allowed to bring snacks inside the PAC as well. While the Prep was lengthy, students did feel like they got their money’s worth out of it.

As a student that did attend, I think it is a good resource for ACT preparation and made me feel better about going in for the real thing. Students who may not have taken the ACT before should definitely consider signing up for the review, because it is very different from state tests they are used to taking. The instructor also mentioned that she has experience grading the ACTs, and has made the review as realistic as possible. Students who did not go to the review may find help on ACT Prep websites or have a tutor walk them through it. A few tips would be to go over your algebra skills and basic grammar. Also, it would help to train yourself to read faster than normal pace since the ACT will be timed.

Study hard Darby, and good luck on your upcoming tests!


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