Academy Award movie nominations that you should watch

February was a month full of award ceremonies, such as the Emmys, and ended with the Oscars on Sunday the 26th. With over twenty awards given out to different movies, actors, and producers, plus all of the nominees, it would be very time consuming to watch all of them. The following are some of my favorite Oscar nominated movies of 2017 to watch.

Disney Pixar’s “Piper” took the Oscar for best animated short film. “Piper” is the story of a baby bird who is attempting to feed herself for the first time. She goes through some ups and downs throughout the film but ultimately ends up becoming a pro crab catcher. This super cute story is number one on the list because of the power of the story. There are no words in the whole film, but the music and animation more than make up for it. This film teaches the audience to never give up. The short film can be watched on YouTube.

The second film on the list, La La Land, was nominated for 14 awards, tying the record with All About Eve and Titanic, and winning five. La La Land is the musical story of Mia and Sebastian, two artists falling in love. The movie follows them on their journey through Los Angeles, and their struggles between their love and their careers. La La Land was mistakenly announced as the winner of Best picture, while the actual winner was Moonlight. This story made the list because of its uniqueness of combining a musical and a movie. La La Land can be seen in theatres.

Next on the list is Moonlight. Moonlight won three awards, including best picture. Moonlight is the powerful story of Chiron’s life, split into three segments;child, teen, and adult. Chiron has many struggles throughout the film including drugs and questions about his sexuality. This story was included on the list due to it’s focus on topics other movies have never touched on, like a protagonist that is an African-American gay man. Moonlight can be seen in select theaters or purchased online or in stores.

Manchester by the Sea was nominated for six awards and won three. This story follows Lee Chandler, a man who has responsibilities thrust upon him after his brother suddenly dies. Chandler must decide on if he will be able to handle being his nephew’s legal guardian. Manchester by the Sea was included on the list because of the powerful story line along with the fantastic cinematography. Manchester by the Sea can be purchased online or in stores.

All of these movies were deserving of their nominations. La La Land had an astonishing amount of nominations and although it did not win all of them, it is still a good movie to watch. A must see family friendly film is “Piper”. Moonlight and Manchester by the Sea are both powerful films and will be sure to resonate with the audience.

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