A Wet Darby Win

Panthers nation was certainly wet at Darby Friday night, but fans and the team were not deterred in the slightest.

     In the first quarter Darby looked strong, scoring a single touchdown with a small sprinkle of rain that everyone thought would pass.  An absolute downpour thunderstorm started in the second quarter, causing a lightning delay. However, after about an hour, the game continued. Neither team could quite finish their drives until the fourth quarter where Bradley scored first, causing mild panic. Luckily Darby wasn’t done and came back to score again, ending the game.

   With such a big win against a rival, the team and Head Coach John Santagata was ecstatic going so far as to say, 

“All wins feel good but this one’s obviously special.  We haven’t won this game in four years so it was nice to get this victory,” said Santagata.

Center Scotty Hartline was also feeling the post-win joy.

 “…We can all improve but were going to take this momentum into next week and keep building on the season,”  said Hartline.

     Not only was the team feeling strong but the stands were absolute mayhem.  Everyone from the 8th graders at the top to the Seniors at the bottom were going absolutely crazy all game, cheering every which way, not caring in the slightest that they were drenched in rain.  It was an awe inspiring sight, watching all of the students come together for something as simple as a game.

     With a tough opponent like Olentangy Berlin this week at 7 p.m. they’re going to have to keep their energy going.  So stick around Panthers and watch to see if Darby keep the winning streak going. Make sure to support them by watching and wearing your neon to the game.