A Sneak Peek Into Darby Theatre’s Fall Show

Hilliard Darby Theatre enters this year’s new season with a main stage production of And Then There Were None

   In 1939, ten strangers meet on a remote island with each having a secret, wicked past. Eventually the weather turns and the group is trapped on the island, where each are slowly killed off according to a twisted nursery rhyme.

   Most know the classic story for being a novel by Agatha Christie, but you may not know that it was also adapted to script. Although there is a twist beyond the original twist inside the story— there are also different endings. The ending will be decided upon by the audience between act two and three. One of the actors, Donovan Young, gave a peek into who one of the characters caught in this twist is.

   “I play the character Sir Lawrence Wargrave, a judge who is an honest leader but a tiny bit power hungry,” says Donovan Young , a junior and  experienced actor who is very familiar with the main stage. “This play definitely stands out from the usual shows I do. It goes very in depth with symbolism and character development. That’s what’s so enjoyable about it!”

    Along with Young, both experienced and beginner actors are faced with this unique challenge of mastering two endings. But what’s more unique is the characters they play throughout the show.

    Other thespians were asked about their roles in the production as well, who also share Donovan’s experience in the spotlight of the main stage.

   “I play a young woman named Vera Claythorne. She can be flustered at times but always manages to be self aware. She can be very selfish,” says Joanie Shafer, a senior who’s taken many acting roles over the course of her high school career. “My freshman year I was in Agatha Christie’s The Mousetrap. This play is very similar in the mystery aspect and everyone has a secret.”

   Each cast member is tasked with some research of their own character, and Joanie is no exception with her responsibility with researching information about Vera Claythorne.

   “I have been trying to study this character deep down. What was her past life like? At the end I have to be very emotional, so I’ve been trying to find that balance of ‘emotional but also put together’.”

   In addition to being a part of the cast, students can also have a place of being assistant directors in this main stage play. 

    Karsen Davidson was questioned about his role in the production.

    “I am the student director. Pretty much, I help direct the actors in their movements and delivery. But as a student, I also help the directors take notes and do side tasks,” said Davidson.  

   Davidson also commented on what it has been like working with the cast members so far. “It’s awesome. I love improv, I love to act, but I don’t think there’s anything better than directing. Each actor has their own individual strength and it’s fun to help them grow and get better while also putting an iconic show together,”said Davidson.

   Each actor brings their own skills to the table during this special production, each with their own interest and enthusiasm. However, the events within the story of the play seem anything but enthusiastic and upbeat. Each character confronts their own wicked pasts on November 15th and 16th. In this story, riddled with twists and turns, not everyone is who they seem to be.