A Review of DC’s Shazam!

The spring season is an exciting time for movie fanatics across the globe. Specifically, this March and April, many anticipated movies have been and will be released, keeping fans entertained and in high spirits. One movie that has been quite popular recently is Shazam!, a DC movie about a foster kid turned superhero.

  In this Fantasy/Sci-Fi film, we follow 14-year-old Billy Batson as he is placed with a new foster family. Randomly, one day, he is transported to a mysterious cave and meets an ancient wizard, instantly changing his life forever. In a split second, when he says the word “SHAZAM!”, Billy transforms into an strong adult man with impressive superpowers. With these new powers, he faces many challenges and must decide how he will use them

  I saw this movie in the theater around the time when it first came out and I loved it. With an audience of mostly parents and their children, the theater was packed full of superhero fans. Shazam! did a great job at engaging the audience and keeping their attention throughout the movie. Not once did I find myself wondering how much longer the movie would be or yawning out of boredom. In fact, this movie had me laughing for the entire duration of it. Its witty humor and likable characters made it an enjoyable experience overall.

  Perhaps the best part of the whole movie was the importance it placed on friendships and family. Even with his newfound abilities, Billy had to remember what meant the most to him and the major responsibility he now had on his shoulders. Although his foster family was not his blood, they treated him with more love and support than anyone else ever had. For this reason, he wanted to make sure to protect them at all costs.

  Shazam! was an exciting action movie, but included a very important message that you should always remember what matters the most. I truly enjoyed this movie and found myself laughing from start to finish. I can’t wait to watch this movie again soon and I would definitely recommend going to see this movie. Even if Sci-Fi isn’t your genre of choice, I think everyone can get something out of this movie. If you can’t make it to the theater soon, make sure to get it when it comes out on DVD!