A Pinkie for Polio

  Poliomyelitis, also known as Polio, is a worldwide known disease that can result in death or leave someone paralyzed in the most severe cases. Most of the people affected by Polio are five or younger, and most of the people affected by this terrible disease live in Afghanistan, Nigeria, and Pakistan. As of now, there is no cure for polio, but you can prevent contracting this disease by getting the polio vaccine. Since the year 1988, the number of cases have decreased by 99%. Polio is contracted by others infected with polio, contamination in water, and contamination in food. After someone has contracted polio they cannot be cured, but there are helpful treatments. Treatments include bed rest, having portable ventilators, taking pain relievers and physical therapy. Polio attacks your nervous system and by doing so, it can infect the spinal cord, brain, and the tissue surrounding it. The severity of polio depends on where on the spinal cord and the brain are attacked.

  This disease is highly contagious which means that even just one child having polio can contaminate an entire country. That’s why at Darby High School we are having a Pinkie for Polio event held by the interact club. Between November 13 and November 16, any student that brings in a dollar to their lunch period got their pinkie painted purple. The proceeds go to paying for many other children around the world to get vaccinated.

  The interact club is hosting the pinkie for Polio with the help of Mrs. Demoss, this is one of the many fundraisers that the club is in charge of; the club is all about helping those in need and volunteering in places that need an extra helping hand. The club has a handful of students who meet at Darby every other Wednesday in room 131.

  Mrs. Demoss, the advisor for the interact club, talked about why this fundraiser was chosen and she had a lot of say.

  “The interact club works with the Rotary club in Hilliard and we also work really closely with Bradley and Davidson and their interact clubs and we had to do, well we don’t have to but we like to do an outreach once a year where it’s a global outreach so it kind of just came together as a group idea, ” she explained.

  Demoss also discussed if she had any other future fundraising ideas or volunteering ideas.

  “We are going to make non-slide socks for the children’s hospital, we also do blankets for the Ronald McDonald hospital, and then we will be going to the retirement community, which is just across the street from Darby, and we’re going to be making Christmas cards for the senior citizens there,” she said.

  Wafaa Salih, a senior at Darby High School who is also a student at Columbus State, is a member of Darby’s interact club. Salih spoke about her future fundraising goals and Pinkie for Polio.

  “We are currently collecting $1 to help vaccinate a child that’s at risk of getting Polio. We are thinking of more ways for the school to contribute and help be a part of the change we want to see in this world,” she explained

  Salih discussed what her favorite part of interact club is and how long she had been a part of the club.

  “I have been a part of interact for three years now. As president of the club, I enjoy seeing everyone of all ages come together and have fun,” she shared.

  This fundraiser is gonna help the lives of so many people and with your help, we saved the lives of so many children in third world countries that needed this vaccine.

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